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Watercolor Brush Set

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A set of 10 brushes and million of possibilities.

 The watercolor set covers all your needs. 5 Round brushes of different sizes and forms to work on more voluminous things like clouds and another 5 flat brushes for backgrounds or architecture. The variety not only in shape and size but in material too makes them irreplaceable and a little eco-friendly pouch will order them and give your more organization in your art supplies.

All you need in a cute pouch.

  • Variety in shape & size: small illustrations to big projects, just open the pouch and choose the most suitable size and shape
  • Hair diversity: choose between gentle blue squirrel hair with extra water absorption, elastic nylon hair that gives your lines more elegance and horse hair that kind of tries to do both
  • Assorted by watercolorists: all 10 brushes were selected purposefully in a preselection conducted by a team of pro watercolorists to find a solution for the majority of scenarios a usual watercolorist face with
  • Protected & organized: eco-friendly pouch will keep your desk organized and your new brushes protected from bending as well as ventilating them so they do not get mold

Package includes

3x Round Brushes (Squirrel)
1x Liner Brush (Squirrel)
1x Flat Brush (Horse)
1x Feather Brush (Pony)
1x Mop Brush (Horse)
1x Scruffy Brush (Horse)
1x Filbert Brush (Nylon)
1x Slant Brush (Nylon)
1x Biodegradable Pouch