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We reply 24/7, but there is a chance you could be redirected to an robot due to high demand, we apologize in advance if this is the case.

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Do you accept cash on delivery?
  • Unfortunately no, but we are taking every steps in order to make them possible in the feature. Currently you can pay via any card, paypal, apple pay or google pay.
I recieved only a part of my order
  • It's normal, your other part should arrive soon. To facilitate the things, sometimes we have to separate the order into different parcels, so you can get them asap, without too many questions from the customs.
My order, takes some time to arrive
  • We are sorry for that.The reason for a parcel delay may vary from the bad weather to local holidays, as most of our parcels are crossing thousands of miles to get to you. More detailed information you can access through your tracking number. But if you really feel like something is wrong, contact us and we will fix that.
Do you refund?
  • Yes. We refund any broken, missing or even if you changed your mind items. For the full terms, please reffer to our refund policy.
Where can I get my tracking number?
  • Once your order was placed. It usually has to pass 3 days in order for you to get your tracking number via email. It will also will appear inside your order status page.