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Watercolor Secret Set Unicorn Edition

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Smaller, more colorful, cuter.

 If you thought that our 42 Watercolor Secret Set is cute then you didn't see this baby. Of course, 42 Watercolor Secret Set is just amazing for everyday use. But you know, it's like with the meal, you take some good portion of a healthy meal, but after that, some candy taste so, so well, so that set is our candy for you, it's for a girl and after all "girls just wanna have fun" !

Key benefits

‣ Online Exclusive: not available in stores
‣ Ultimate Colorful: your audience will be pleasantly surprised with your new color scheme!
‣ Easy to Carry: create your works anywhere when the inspiration takes over you!
‣ Color Stability: does not change color after drying
‣ Practical Design: gives more fluency and confidence to your hands
‣ Huge Gifts: comes with an incorporated palette and a water brush

Package includes
18x Unique Unicorn Edition Colors 
1x Waterbrush
1x Sponge
1x Palette
1x Pvc Protective Package