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Liner Brush

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Ideal for details.

In case you are working on a miniature or just a part of your work that requires detailed work – you will need a really small, but one that will still hold its shape. So, we have one that ideally fits this need. Made from nylon hair, aluminum ferrule and acrylic handle this brush has a very ergonomic handle, so your hand will not fatigue and the fines quality nylon hair will show the best results in the details.

Liner stands for line.

  • Get ideal lines: nylon hair keeps its shape, it’s springy and holds just enough paint for the detailed work
  • Handle for long hours sessions: acrylic handle with deepening for thumb or forefinger so your hand remains relaxed while work
  • Created to last: it will retain their shape and the hair will not fall a lot of time
  • Fits any technique: watercolor, inking, acrylics, gouache or even oil, you can use this brush in any technique without any worries of damaging it

Package includes

1x Liner Brush