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Large Watercolor Brush

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Brush for wet-on-wet lovers.

 As you know, one of the most expressive watercolor techniques is wet-on-wet and the most important part in that technique is preparing the paper, you have to properly moisture it and a large flat squirrel brush has no match in that job: being both soft to not damage the paper and holding enough amount of water to equally cover the whole artwork.

A must-have for every watercolor enthusiast.

  • Ideal for initial layer: due to its wide shape and ability to store a lot of water, it makes it’s the best brush for paper preparation or first watercolor layer
  • Unique design: the lack of ferrule makes it very recognizable and gives some extra style to your tool arsenal
  • Perfect handle: large polished bamboo handle allows multiple types of grips, so it feels light but confident in the same time
  • Made to last: crafted with a passion for perfection out of smoked bamboo handle and finest squirrel mix

Package includes

1x Large Flat Brush
1x Protective Package