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Large Round Brush

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Have it large!

 There are a plenty of big brushes on the market, but there is one problem with them: they are not dedicated for art painting, but more for fence staining: they don’t fit neither by the shape nor by hair type. That’s why we decide to invest in an proper tool for large canvases lovers and create a round brush out of finest nylon hair making your acrylic or oils strokes the way you like them.

Its size doesn’t affect the comfort.

  • Suited for all paints: synthetic hair is an universal hair that works well with any paint you use: watercolors, gouache, acrylics or oils.
  • Stores huge paint amounts: due to its size, this brush sores just huge amounts of paint, which makes it especially useful when it comes to covering large areas
  • Mindful handle design: the simple handle design brought to its finest, you’ll know it’s yours once you’ll get to hold it
  • Made to last: assembled with perfection in mind out of polished oak handle, nickel ferule and finest synthetic hair mix

Package includes

1x Large Round Brush
1x Protective Package