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Hake Brush

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Larger means quicker.

 There is a lot of watercolor ideas that you simply can’t realize with a regular brush. Let’s say you want a perfect uniform background, or to finish quicker the first “underpainting” layer or to try involuntarily made abstract forms. All of that (and many others) are made with large brushes, preferably with good water absorption if you create watercolors and one that feels easy in hand despite of its size.

Different size, not quality.

  • Natural & 100% Biodegradable: created with responsibility from the soft white goat hair and wooden handle.
  • Holds a lot of water: goat hair is known for its good water absorption, so it can hold a lot of water and paint – making your strokes easier.
  • Long wooden handle: gives you more control over the painting process
  • Covers a lot: in a single stroke you can cover all of your background perfectly uniform

Package includes

1x Hake Brush