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Glass Fountain Pen

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Reimagine lettering.

 Barely something feels better in the hand then perfectly polished piece of glass, especially if this piece to fit ideally in your palm. It holds more ink than regular fountain pens due to unique twisted tip, so you can write a few sentences without unnecessary pauses. And there is no sense to describe the enormous esthetic pleasure you will get from its design, just give it a try.

Pen that looks like jewelry.

  • Write more – worry less: unique twisted tip design allows you to write a couple of sentences with a single dip.
  • Create with comfort: it’s shape and weight were designed for hands like yours, so you can do your “calligraphy stuff” hours without getting tired.
  • Everything you need and even more: glass pen holder to keep your desk clean, glass cup to wash your pen, 2 glass pens just in case you work on 2 projects, 12 inks of different colors to fulfill your creativity
  • It’s safe, even if it’s glass: the pen was manufactured to resist any micro impacts


Package includes

1x Gift Box
Glass Pen Holder
Glass Cup
Glass Pens
Different Colors Inks