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Flat Squirrel Brush

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A brush that gives you precision.

 There are subjects we want to illustrate that require a bit more accuracy in terms of straight silhouettes, for instance architecture, interior decorations, clothes or even cartoon characters, like Disney’s one. That’s where a flat square shaped brush is simply unrepeatable and when you give some extra water storage with squirrel hair than it becomes especial tool in your arsenal.

It's square, though it can do circles too.

  • Not limited to square: may seem vague for some, but a square shape can do more than squares, you actually can get the most perfect circle with a square brush
  • Get more sharpness: architecture, interior illustrations or you just prefer a more expressive style, the flat watercolor brush will handle any sharp shapes you’ll encounter in your artwork
  • Stores a lot of pigment: squirrel hair still remains the most absorbent materials for watercolor paints, even after the invention of synthetics that try to imitate animal hair
  • Made to last: crafted with a passion for perfection from handle to finest squirrel hair out of responsible sources only

Package includes

1x Flat Watercolor Brush
Protective Package