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Elongate Brush

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There is not better tool for long lines.

 How many artworks you ruined because of crooked smear? We’ll assume a lot of them because that’s what we experienced. Thus, we decided to manufacture a brush that will be the most optimal for the line accented works, for instance: botanical illustrations or calligraphy.

Paint the line you intended.

  • Try it and then keep it: line-shaped brush will do the lines better than any other, it does make sense, right?
  • More than simple lines: design waves, hair, signatures or try some calligraphy
  • Stores lots of paint: natural squirrel hair is one of the best soaking fiber for a brush; making your watercolor practice wet and fluent
  • Made to last: crafted by hand with care and a passion for perfection out of wooden handle, stainless steel wire and blue squirrel hair, all from responsible sources only.

Package includes

1x Elongate Watercolor Brush
1x Protective Package