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Duplex Watercolor Tube

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You will be amazed

 We bet you never tried this kind of paint, it’s green, no, it’s yellow. Uhh, nearly, it’s a gradient from yellow to green. Sounds strange, but that’s what it is. We probably can’t describe it with the word, you just have to try them to understand. Kinda magic…

It's almost as much fun as strange.

  • Strange, but still professional: let the strange of this paint will not make you doubt its quality because they are professional colors.
  • Feel the new: it’s kind of futuristic watercolor, created thanks to the new technologies
  • Enough amount: the tube may look small, but please note: it’s concentrated pigment, so you will have to mix it with the water, so it usually lasts long time
  • Get inspired for innovations: new tools let you discover new techniques, are you curios for discoveries?

Package includes

1x 15ml Watercolor Duplex tube