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Comb Brush

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The “special-effects” brush.

 If you prefer to work on subjects that include fur, grass, feather or other rake shapes, then it’s the brush you’ll definitely thank us for. Designed with versatility in mind, its hair was chosen to be synthetic so you can use it for watercolors, gouache, acrylics as well as oils.

Works seamlessly for rake shapes.

  • Rake shape? Easy: paint grass, feathers, fur or other complex nature beauties just in one touch
  • Great paint versatility: made out of non-toxic synthetics it works equally well with all kind of paintings: water or oil based, offering high resilience and smoothness.
  • Designed for your hand: black lacquered wood sits so well that you'll not want to let it go
  • Made to last: crafted with a passion for perfection out of polished oak wood handle, bras ferule and Korean synthetic hair.

Package includes

1x Comb Brush
1x Protective Package