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Bamboo Tandem Brush

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Brush you never had.

 Perfect gradients? Big projects? Or just tired of coloring boring backgrounds?  The Tandem Bamboo Brush will deal with anything: swiftly and fun.

It’s big, but light.

  • Created with responsibility: finest goat hair and bamboo wood only from trustable and responsible sources. Cruelty free!
  • Goat means good: soft goat hair is ideal for its ability to absorb enough but not too much of a water, so it can spread evenly on large mop surface and give you the perfect gradient that you always tried to implement.
  • Bamboo is good too: carbonated bamboo handle gives it extra longevity and protection from bugs or corruption.
  • Feels light: bamboo is also one of the lightest wood, making your painting process easy, so your arm will not get tired compared to usual brushes of the same size.
  • Looks solid: the unique design aesthetic inspired by trending Asian traditions definitely captures an eye when holding it, but

Package includes

1x Bamboo Tandem Brush