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Amateur Watercolor Set

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Have an easy start.

 You thought a lot about where to start, so we prepared your travel kit. Here is everything you will need to create your very own art: 10 pieces of specialized watercolor paper, 1 sharpener to prepare your pencil, a pencil for your sketch, 36 carefully chosen colors that will suit your needs, a waterbrush to start the coloring step, a detail brush to finish the coloring step and a sponge to eliminate the extra water you may have. Oh, yeah, and a velvet bag where you can keep it all.

All you need to begin.

  • Everything you need: this set was designed with the basic watercolor needs in mind, so you can just start
  • Stay organized: every tool you need stays exactly where it should be
  • 36 Colors: and every single one is bright, saturated and doesn’t fade like others
  • Perfect gift: science say watercolor calms, so even people far from art may be surprised by such a gift


Package includes

1x Metallic box
36x Solid Watercolors
10x Watercolor Paper Sheets
1x Sharpener
1x Pencil
1x Sponge
1x Detail Brush
1x Water Brush
1x Velvet Bag