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Acrylic Brush Set

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A comprehensive brush set for thick paints.

 Even though we named it acrylic set, it’s actually suited for all of the thick paints you may have: from light gouaches to heavy oils. 26 tools in a single set and we promise you’ll use all of them, as they all serve very unique purpose. Mix your paints with the knife, cover your entire canvas in a matter of seconds flat brushes, begin your second layer with smaller brushes and scratch the final strokes with one of the rubber brushes.

Everything you’ll ever use in a single bag.

  • Great versatility: even though it’s called acrylic set, it works as well for all of the thick paints like gouaches or oils.
  • A way to get organized: the set includes a cute pouch that will house every single of your new 26 tools in each of its nest, so you’ll never lose any
  • Huge tool choice: the range in shape, size and hair type will help you solve your creative struggles easy with the suitable tool
  • Made to last: all 26 + brush was manufactured under 3 strict quality control stages, so you can receive a durable set of brushes with anti-drop synthetic hair

Package includes

4x Synthetic Round/Liners Brushes
4x Synthetic Filbert Brushes
3x Rubber Brushes
2x Synthetic Slant Brushes
2x Synthetic Brights Brushes
2x Synthetic Flat Brushes
2x Synthetic Mop Brushes
2x Synthetic Large Flat Brushes
1x Synthetic Deerfoot Brush
1x Synthetic DS Brush
1x Synthetic Feather Brush
1x Eco-friendly Pouch