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6 Colors Moon Glow Watercolors

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Colors that stand out your art.

Sometimes you just need this final touch to finish, these colors may be exactly what you need if you will handle to use them proportionally of course. So, this colors will mark your art among others.

Delicious and fun.

  • 6 or 12 colors: a great spectrum to play with
  • Sustainable & natural:  changeable pans let you use the box and pigment pans even after they gets empty, the pigments themselves were created from raw natural materials without any preservatives and other harmful substances, so keep them dry when not used to avoid mildew.
  • Vibrancy you didn't expected: these pigments were made through special compression technology which gives them extra vibrancy
  • It’s a good dose of fun: you will spend hours just playing and trying to mix and match these new colors for your eyes


Package includes

6x or 12x solid watercolor pans
transparent  case