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Handmade Wool Brush

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Handmade Natural Wool Brush

So you also wished for some cool brush to have, with great storage, convenient pen to hold for hours and really special design so it brings you to smile once it gets into your hand. Ok. Congratulations! You find it! 

Key benefits

  • 100% natural experience: wool is popular for excellent absorbency and water storage, so it's a lot easier to manage the color
  • Great design: now you have a unique attractive brush for your art posts on Instagram
  • Strong line control: wool is also well known for good elasticity and resiliency, so it makes painting much easier
  • Unique watercolor effects: wool fiber has a unique texture, like every other natural thing, so it can bring some very surprising effects
  • Limited edition handmade tool: every brush was assembled by hand
Package includes

1x Wool Hair Brush
1x Doubled Protection Package