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How COVID-19 impacted our business workflow.

 First of all, we wish you are okay and took every possible measure to protect yourself and most important not spread the infection. Here we answered on some reasonable questions you may have, shopping with us at these hard times:

1. Does the COVID-19 outbreak affect my order delivery?

Yes. Unfortunately due to protective measures of our employees and every other people who are involved in your package shipping ( as for an example: our post offices, your local post offices, customs/border protection agencies) the shipping times may differ from our standards. It's a pity but we can't even tell you the exact delay time because of the difference in the outbreak in every region of the world. However, for most countries, the delay range is usually between 10-15 days.

We recommend you to keep eye on your parcel via tracking number received in your email. You can track your parcels here.

2. What is the risk of getting infected with COVID-19 from a parcel or object?

According to United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: " there is no evidence to support the transmission of 2019-nCoV [ now named COVID-19] associated with imported goods." Click here to read full CDC FAQ.

According to World Health Organization : "Studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus can survive less than 24 hours on cardboard [typical post package]" Click here to read full WHO FAQ.

Also, as we know, authorities around the world are taking strict measures on this public health event, inclusively doing everything possible so you can safely receive your purchases. We, in our turn, also take close attention to how your parcels are packed and processed.

Please self isolate, keep the distance of minimal 1 meter ( or 3,2 feet) between you and people in the street; wear a mask; wash your hands frequently and thereby help in the fight against the current disease. Let's be brave and pass this natural test asap.