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Macaron Colored Pencils

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Add some delicacy to your next chef-d'oeuvre.

 Drawing with the most standard colored pencils and expecting an extraordinary outcome is quite naive. More attainable would be just to have in the arsenal 50 outstanding pastel colors for all range of subjects.

Pastel outside, oily inside, just as macarons!

  • Huge color spectrum: fulfill your everyday pallet with 50 new showy swatches, from lavender-blue to shell pink, so you’ll have no question about which colors to use in your next art piece
  • Spread evenly like butter: achieve the look you like easily with oily leads that glide and blend on any paper
  • No nerves sharpening: the formula of the leads conforms firmly to the wooden barrel, so you get a quick and flawless sharpening experience every time
  • Break your art routine: standard colored pencils are a fine old tradition, but creativity is about exploring something new, that's why this fresh set will definitely make the difference in your next coloring session


Package includes

50x Macaron Colored Pencils
1x Sustainable Cardboard Package